Community Hospital

Community Hospital’s Masking Policy Updated

Community Hospital

McCook, Nebraska—Community Hospital’s masking policy for outpatients, employees and visitors was recently updated, according to Molly Herzberg, MSN, RN, Community Hospital Vice President Patient Care Services & CNO.

The new policy allows everyone at Community Hospital to be mask-free when the Community Transmission rate is below High. “When we are at a High Community Transmission rate, we are in masks, when we are not at the High level, we are out of masks,” she said. She added that the hospital follows the Community Transmission rate, not to be confused with the Community Level rate.

“Notices are displayed at each of the hospital and rural clinic entrances,” Herzberg said. We monitor the Community Transmission rate and change out the signs each Friday morning based on the levels.”

Community Hospital’s new masking policy was written based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. “We are required to follow the CDC guidance per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ruling. The CDC requires us to monitor and make decisions based on the Community Transmission rate.”

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