Governor Pillen Announces Valuations Reform Working Group

State Capitol Lincoln

 Governor Jim Pillen announced the membership of a new working group that will examine property valuations in Nebraska.

“Valuation increases in Nebraska have become an unbearable burden for homeowners, businesses, and agriculture producers across our state,” said Governor Jim Pillen. “We will find a solution that will reduce the burden of insurmountable valuation growth in recent years. It is our job to make sure Nebraska continues to be the best place to live and reckless valuation increases on home and property hinders that commitment to Nebraskans.”  

Participants in the Valuations Reform Working Group includes:

Governor Jim Pillen, Chair
Members of Governor Pillen’s Policy & Research Team
State Senator Lou Ann Linehan
State Senator Joni Albrecht
State Senator Eliot Bostar
State Senator Mike McDonnell
State Senator Brad von Gillern
League of Nebraska Municipalities
Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Nebraska Association of County Officials
Nebraska Cattlemen
Nebraska Farm Bureau
Nebraska Relators Association
Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce

Group member Senator Joni Albrecht said, “I look forward to working with the Governor and this working group to find a solution to bring our valuations in competition with surrounding states. Reforming valuations is a much-needed fix and will benefit all Nebraskans.”