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Photo Credit: Nebraska State Patrol

Road 702 Fire Monday, April 25th Update

Photo Credit: Nebraska State Patrol

There are many interior pockets of unburned vegetation within the Road 702 Fire perimeter. As winds
shift or increase, these areas within the fire may burn. Residents in and around the fire area should
expect to see flare-ups and smoke both due to these unburned islands burning as well as the intense heat
that remains in the timbered draws. The threat of additional fire growth remains as firefighters continue
to extinguish hotspots in brushy draws and near structures.

The public is asked to continue to avoid the Road 702 Fire area and to use caution when driving in areas
with reduced visibility due to smoke and dust. As residents return to homes, please be cautious of
surroundings as hazards may be present that did not exist prior to the fire.

Road 702 Current Situation:
Yesterday afternoon, the Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA) from Colorado mapped the fire area and
current acreage is 41,155. Firefighters working the night shift patrolled the fire area watching for
increased fire behavior and wind shifts that could threaten the current control lines.
Branch I (West side)- Branch I encompasses the area from Cambridge west along the fire edge and
south to Lebanon, NE. The fire was active primarily in the timbered draws where the fuels are
heaviest. Dozers have been ordered to help mitigate hazards by knocking over fire-weakened trees so
firefighters can safely work in these areas. Today firefighters, supported by aerial resources, will
continue to secure the fireline by mopping up hotspots that threaten control lines and working to cool
down areas of heat in the timbered draws where it is safe to do so.

Branch III (East side)- Branch III encompasses east and south perimeters of the fire from Cambridge
south to Wilsonville and into Kansas. The fire was very active on this branch yesterday in both the
lighter fuels and the timbered draws. Today firefighters, supported by aerial resources, will continue
to secure the fireline by mopping up the fire edge and will work on containing any unburned islands
within the fire perimeter. Dozers will be used to help remove hazard trees so firefighters can work
safely to contain these areas.

Weather: Elevated weather conditions are forecast for Monday through mid-week, with near critical
fire weather conditions expected on Tuesday. While winds will be lower today, gusts out of the
northwest to 25 mph coupled with low relative humidity will result in elevated fire weather through
the afternoon. Winds will be light and turn southerly Monday night.

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