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Adult Mountain Lion With Cubs Near Beaver City

Police car light bar with the words Breaking News overlaid.

Sheriff’s office has received credible reports of sightings of an adult mountain lion with cubs in the North West part of Beaver City. Sheriff’s office is taking measures with game and parks and the area federal trapper to ensure the safety of the Beaver City residents.

If you see this animal in Beaver City, do not approach, but please do with most detail possible call the Sheriff’s office or 911 to report it’s exact location and activity.

The Sheriff's Office has placed several trail cameras around Beaver City near reported sightings and will have personnel randomly using thermal imaging in and around town to monitor as well as have a deputy posted in town for a few days for a quick response.

We must remind residents that only Law Enforcement (Sheriff's Office or Game & Parks) are authorized to dispatch the animal with certain criteria being met. Anybody that believes they have relevant information or a sighting needs to contact the Sheriff's Office immediately.

As of this time, no concrete evidence has emerged that would confirm earlier reports.

We would continue to urge residents to carry on normal activities but with a bit higher awareness of their surroundings. We would also ask that anyone that has information, possible sighting of such an animal or evidence of its presence, immediately contact the Sheriff's Office. Our agency and others will continue to monitor the situation and provide information as it becomes available.

We will continue efforts over the next several days to verify reports and take appropriate steps to inform the public of possible concerns, as well as work with other agencies to take the most appropriate steps in handling the wildlife when/if needed.