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Gov. Pillen and NSP Colonel Bolduc Recognize Paul Contreras with Civilian Award

LINCOLN, NE -- Governor Jim Pillen and Superintendent John Bolduc of the Nebraska State Patrol have recognized Paul Contreras of Bellevue with a civilian award, for his part in subduing a shooting suspect during the victory celebration parade for the Kansas City Chiefs in February. The parade, marking the Chief’s Super Bowl win, was disrupted by gunfire, resulting in the death of one woman and injuries to nearly two dozen other individuals.

“Many of us hope that in difficult, and perhaps life-threatening circumstances, we would do the right thing. Paul did that in a spit second, without consideration for his own well-being. That is the definition of a hero,” said Gov. Pillen. “He is very deserving of this civilian award and all of the recognition he has received for his brave actions.”

Contreras was at the parade with his three daughters on Feb. 14. Shortly after the shots were fired, he spotted one man running in the opposite direction of everyone trying to flee the gunfire. As that person approached, Contreras tackled him to the ground. As he did, a weapon fell from the suspect’s coat. Contreras held him face down on the ground until authorities arrived. Contreras was aided in securing the suspect by a second man who was also at the scene.

“Paul’s heroic actions may have very well saved additional lives during the chaotic scene in Kansas City,” said Colonel Bolduc. “We’re proud to honor him for his quick thinking and selfless heroism during a dangerous situation. He truly made a difference for many innocent people.” 

“At that moment I didn’t really know what had taken place. It was just a reaction on my part,” said Contreras. “I appreciate this [recognition]. I thank the Governor and Col. Bolduc. It’s been a lot of attention – a lot of good attention.”

Contreras was presented with the Nebraska State Patrol Public Service Award. He was joined at the ceremony by his wife, Toni.