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Gov. Pillen and Senators Visit Deployed Troops at Border

LINCOLN, NE – Governor Jim Pillen traveled Wednesday to Del Rio, Texas, to see troops he deployed to assist in securing America’s southern border. He was joined by Speaker John Arch, Senator Tom Brewer, chairman of the Legislature’s Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, and Major General Craig Strong, Adjutant General for the Nebraska National Guard.
The daylong visit was spent with National Guard airmen and soldiers who have been deployed to the Del Rio area since early April. The group of about 35 troops will be there until late May/early June, on active-duty status supporting the Texas National Guard.
Gov. Pillen has been steadfast in his support to combat the humanitarian and national security crisis at border, saying that the situation is one that impacts every state, including Nebraska.  As recently as May 31, more than 512,300 illegal immigrants have been apprehended with more than 43,400 criminal arrests, resulting in at least 38,200 felony charges. More than 487 million lethal doses of fentanyl have been seized.
“Nebraska’s commitment has been critical to this mission,” said Gov. Pillen. “These Nebraska troops are helping to stop the influx of criminals, weapons, drugs and human trafficking into our country and state. Every state is a border state, so Nebraska must meet its duty to secure our country.”
The Governor’s comments come on the heels of an executive order issued by President Joe Biden this week, setting daily caps on the number of illegal immigrants allowed asylum in the United States, which the Governor described as, “too little, too late.”
During his visit with Nebraska troops, Gov. Pillen thanked them for answering the call to volunteer for this mission.
“They have taken time out of their normal work and family lives to take on a challenge that is important to our nation,” said Gov. Pillen. “I join fellow Nebraskans in sharing our gratitude for their service.”
Guard members have been working side-by-side with the Texas National Guard, manning various posts along the border. Gov. Pillen and his party spent time with the troops at their base camp and then toured operational areas by vehicle. Earlier this year, 10 troopers with the Nebraska State Patrol deployed to the El Paso area for two weeks in April and worked in partnership with Texas state law enforcement in support of their efforts to secure the border.