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Gov. Pillen Vetoes Bill Creating Government-Supported Free Needle Exchange Program for Drug Users

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LINCOLN, NE – Today, Governor Jim Pillen vetoed LB 307 which proposes the creation of Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) in local jurisdictions. Such programs would allow for the distribution of hypodermic needles to drug users. The bill also creates an exception from prosecution for those service providers authorized to distribute the needles.  It was introduced by Senator Megan Hunt of Omaha and was passed by the Legislature on a vote of 30-7-12. 

“This legislation is problematic for several reasons. As written, it exposes our kids to increased dangers, by allowing them to participate in needle exchange programs and does nothing to enhance the safety of our communities,” said Gov. Pillen. “There is also evidence that these programs lead to enhanced drug use and does not result in significant reductions in the transmission of communicable diseases.”

Gov. Pillen stands with commonsense Nebraskans who oppose their government facilitating dehumanizing illegal drug use.