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Halloran Draws Reprimand

Steve Halloran 2 Dist 33

The Executive Board of Nebraska’s Legislature has voted to issue a letter reprimanding Sen. Steve Halloran of Hastings. He was accused of sexually harassing colleagues on the floor of the Legislature last month. The vote was 8-1. The board also voted 9-0 to publish an investigative report on Halloran’s comments, which came amid debate in March over a bill that would enact criminal penalties for anyone who provides obscene materials to minors.

During debate last month, Halloran repeatedly inserted the last name of Sens. Machaela and John Cavanaugh, as well as Sen. George Dungan, as he read a graphic book passage describing a brutal rape. 

Senator Ray Aguilar addressed the legislature Wednesday morning. His comments, the reading of the reprimand and Machaela Cavanaugh's response can be heard below. 

Ray Aguilar Halloran investigation 4/3/24