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Low water affecting Nebraska boaters this spring

Nebraska Game and Parks Logo With a senery of a river and a sunrise in the background.

People planning to launch boats in Nebraska this spring should beware low-water conditions.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission advises boaters to be patient and cautious when launching and loading boats.

“While many of our ramps have been designed or extended to counter these low-water conditions, lack of significant rainfall in some areas following the recent drought still warrant users to be cautious while launching and loading,” said Zach Horstman, Game and Parks’ boating access coordinator.

Horstman recommends boat operators have a spotter with them or check to see if the end of the ramp is visible from the shoreline or dock before launching if water clarity allows.

He added that local Game and Parks staff are a great resource to get the most current ramp conditions as water levels and ramp conditions vary from one lake to the next.

When a lake’s water level falls, less of the boat ramp is underwater, reducing the length of the ramp for a successful launch, which can cause problems launching and loading a boat, including damaging a boat or trailer.

Once on the water, boat operators should be mindful of the increased possibility of underwater hazards during low-water conditions.

Boaters may find some ramps closed locally by signage.