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Smith Speaks on a Variety of Topics

Adrian Smith

Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith spoke on a variety of subjects including the situation at the southern board, government spending, the farm bill, and the election year. Hear the complete interview with Steve Stein

Here's Smith's latest Op-Ed piece.|
Responsible Leadership to Keep Americans Safe
By Rep. Adrian Smith

As recent events have demonstrated, the readiness and modernization of the United States’ defense capabilities are as important as ever. Keeping Americans safe and prioritizing American interests must always be a leading goal. Our open borders – paired with ongoing global unrest – not only threaten national security for the United States and our allies, they have serious implications for economic security around the world.

This was clearly evidenced on a recent trip I made with many of my colleagues to Eagle Pass, TX, on our southern border. What I witnessed there was devastating. State and local agencies are being overwhelmed in an entirely preventable crisis. Despite the trafficking of minors, the unchecked flow of fentanyl, and loss of life, the administration insists the border is secure. Early in 2023, the House passed H.R. 2, a bill to address security risks on the border. President Biden must stop ignoring this problem and work with Congress to enact real solutions.

As Vladimir Putin continues his aggression in Ukraine, tensions in Europe have risen. In other parts of the world, escalation by China against Taiwan and the enemies of Israel must also be taken seriously as Israeli forces continue to confront the threat of Hamas and seek release of hostages taken on October 7, 2023.

This week, U.S. and U.K. forces have conducted strikes in defense of commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea which have been suffering attacks from Iran-backed Houthi rebels from Yemen claiming the attacks as a show of support for Hamas. In fact, many of the ships targeted by the Houthis have not been linked to Israel, and this terror has severely impacted trade in the region. To deter greater escalation and secure trade routes, the best recourse for the U.S. and our allies is to respond decisively. Regional stability will not be achieved by capitulation to terrorists.

As Taiwan conducts a critical presidential election, China has continued to exert pressure on the vulnerable democracy. This week, Beijing officials have signaled a more antagonistic posture regarding trade with Taiwan and launched a satellite through Taiwanese air space, triggering a warning to the public of a possible air raid.

Considering the urgency of these challenges, I have serious concerns about the Biden administration’s track record on national security issues. The administration showed weakness in its disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and 13 Americans needlessly lost their lives. The administration’s refusal to appropriately address border vulnerabilities, its slowness to respond to a surveillance balloon from China over our homeland, and the unacceptable and dangerous breakdown of communication in our defense chain of command have all put Americans at risk.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has recently been released from the hospital, and I wish him a full recovery. However, the fact no one in the White House – and very few in the Pentagon – knew of his hospitalization or recent diagnosis is inexcusable. This week, I joined many of my colleagues in sending a letter to the Department of Defense demanding these concerns be addressed. I am also fully supportive of the House Armed Services Committee’s announcement of a formal inquiry into the secretary’s failure to disclose his hospitalization and incapacitation.

Furthermore, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is failing in his responsibility to respond to the humanitarian tragedy and national security crisis at our southern border. As state and local authorities scramble to respond to the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants crossing into our country, some have resorted to using schools and government facilities to house immigrants.

It is crucial we have leaders who immediately and decisively respond to threats to our country and the safety of American citizens. Insisting on competence and accountability for those responsible for our national security is a duty I take seriously. I will never stop fighting to keep Americans safe and promote American interests through a safer world.

Adrian Smith 1/11/24